About Us

1. To serve God our Lord through sacred music.
2. To promote the quality and integrity of sacred music.
3. To nurture the growth of church musicians and to cultivate an environment to stimulate the growth of sacred music.

Yin Qi (Literally means “Musician Fellowship “in Chinese) started in 1992 as a home bible study group of Christian musicians and later registered as Yin Qi Music Centre Bhd, a non-profit-making company in 1993. The objective if this company is to promote church music at its best in terms of standard and quality of music, to utilize music possibly to its fullest in worship as well as in individual lives, to establish music ministry with integrity basing on the Word of God.

Yin Qi now consists of a core group of five and a choir of about 60 members recruited from different denominations and churches through auditioning held every year. Other than providing choral training and ministry through Yin Qi Choir, Yin Qi also holds church music seminars, workshops, courses and church music camp for church pianist, voice, and music analysis.

In the past years, Yin Qi had organized several events opened to the public, such as Christmas Musical Worship at PGRM presented jointly with Central Malaysia Christian Music Association, Handel’s Oratorio “Messiah”, Mozart’s “Requiem”, and “Voices of Faith” comprising of great works from a historical time span of 300 years, with guest conductors like Dr. Wong Yau Sun, Rev. Lee Chong Min and resident conductors Chin Yong and Elaine Pao. Yin Qi also supported evangelical rally of Dr. Stephen Tong by preparing the necessary music ministry in it.

Funds for Yin Qi programs and administration comes mainly from donations of Christians and churches, as well as from sales of its own audio visual products like “Singing To Thee” – Solo vocal sacred works sung by Chin Yong and Angela Chock, “Doxology”and “Jesus, keep me near the Cross” – choral hymns rendered by Yin Qi Choir, and “Christian and Rock-and-roll”, a seminar spoken by Dr. Samuel Cheung.

Yin Qi Choir
Yin Qi Choir was formed in 1994. The objective of this choir is to serve Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour through music, to minister and evangelize through music, to promote church music at its best in terms of standard and quality of music as well as its performance, and to provide a good musical environment.

Yin Qi Choir consists of about 70 members from different denominations and churches. Auditions are held every year to recruit new members. The choir rehearses every Thursday evening. Other than preparing for performances, the choir also prepares to lead Sacred Music Sunday Worship at the churches.

Yin Qi Choir has made four recordings: “Doxology”,”Jesus, keep me near the Cross”,”The 10th Anniversary of Yin Qi”, and “Oratorio Messiah” live concert DVD.

The conductor of this choir is Elaine Pao Yee Ling, voice coaches are Cecilia Yap and Solomon Chong, and the pianist is P’ng Won Hui.


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